What are ESI Monitors?

Environmental and Social Impact Monitors (ESI Monitors) are organisations empowered to continually improve their environmental and/or social sustainability through measurement, minimisation, management, and benchmarking. They strive to use ESI Monitor’s frameworks, services, and expertise to integrate sustainability into their organisations’ DNA, and to make positive, meaningful, and long-lasting changes.

ESI Monitors commit to submitting annual emissions data. This allows them to receive footprint measurement and benchmarking, which can be used to track progress. Therefore, being ESI Monitors is not proof of excellence in sustainability but is indicative of the capability to act positively, based on evidence. Ultimately, only public disclosure of sustainability data by an organisation can give interested parties the ability to accurately judge performance.  ESI Monitor strongly advocates public disclosure.



Becoming ESI Monitors


To become ESI Monitors, organisations must be enrolled in one of ESI Monitor’s sustainability frameworks, annually subscribe, and commit to annual data submission. The frameworks guide organisations through the sustainability journey and engender continual improvement using education, analytics, and trusted methodologies. They are created by experts but made for beginners, allowing businesses of any sector or size to improve their environmental and social impact.