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The Environmental and Social Impact Monitor (ESI Monitor) is a not for profit entity, rating organisations for their environmental and social commitments.

We believe that Guernsey can be an example to the world, where a social or environmental award from the ESI Monitor will:

  • provide rated businesses with advantage and recognition for their positive action
  • help align businesses’ operations and donations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • benefit the local community
  • reduce our island’s impact on the planet
  • provide local stakeholders and the community the means to exercise positive choices based on the rated commitments of those businesses


Social Rating
Rated organisations receive the recognition and advantage from stakeholders for their positive contribution to our community.
Environmental Rating
ESI Monitor environmental awards have been benchmarked against international standards and are tailored to suit Guernsey businesses and entities.
Measuring contributions to the community

Organisations that can demonstrate an ongoing contribution and commitment to society will reap the benefits in attracting and retaining clients and staff.

As more organisations become rated, ESI monitor can playback to rated organisations where they stand in their industry, and perhaps more importantly, ESI Monitor will be able to quantify the total contribution of business sectors to government and society to ensure that the value is recognised.

Who is it for?

Any Channel Island business or organisation, from sole trader to large multi national corporation with a local office can be awarded ESIM accreditation.

Our ratings badge will be immediately recognised locally and internationally, ensuring that stakeholders are attracted to your organisation over competitors.

Delivering Corporate Donations

ESI Monitor has a range of pre-packaged options for businesses to contribute to good causes quickly and efficiently. This is a useful option for any business, but we believe that this is a fantastic option for Funds and Fund administrators. Any fund that makes a donation will receive draft text for the annual report as well as supporting letters from ESI Monitor in a professional format.

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