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The Environmental Social Impact Monitor (ESIM) is dedicated to facilitating and rewarding environmental sustainability and community involvement within the business sector. We offer a variety of evidence-based and innovative services, standards, benchmarks, and awards designed to make the transition to sustainability a simple but effective process.

Our products and services:

  • Environmental and social accreditations for organisations.
  • Internationally accepted carbon footprint assessments in accordance with the GHG Protocol.
  • Industry wide benchmarking on organisations’ performances against environmental and social criteria, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Carbon Offset Plus: an impact-based carbon offset of the future. 
  • Bespoke consultation in sustainability practices and integration. 


Social Accreditation
Accredited organisations gain recognition for their positive contributions to community and receive quarterly benchmarking data.
Environmental Accreditation
Our Environmental Business Operations scheme provides organisations with resources designed to guide them towards a sustainable future, and rewards organisations who meet our benchmarked international standards.
Measure, Minimise, Manage

Measurement is essential if we are to begin a transition towards sustainability. After all, we can’t manage what we can’t measure. Therefore, all of our products, accreditations, and services are built around the process of measure, then minimise, then continually manage.

With our accreditations, the process of measure, minimise, and manage also allows us to playback information to organisations regarding their performance relative to both their industry and other industries to help them further improve into the future. ESI Monitor also uses this data privately to report on the progress, shortcomings, and points of improvement for whole industries and jurisdictions.

Who is it For?

The users of our products and services range from organisational to individual and, as we incubate new ideas, we look to be as inclusive and impactful as possible across society. Our accreditations are aimed at all businesses and organisations, our environmental and social data are informative to all, and our Carbon Offset+ products are aimed at users of different forms of transport.

Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

ESI Monitor is mapping the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets into our frameworks and measurements, so that businesses can also report on their SDG alignment.

Providing verified SDG performance data for businesses will be a significant contribution to the private sector, fulfilling its commitments and obligations to the SDGs through accredited businesses’ performance against the goals.

Delivering Corporate Donations

ESI Monitor has a range of pre-packaged options for businesses to contribute to good causes quickly and efficiently. This is a useful option for any business, but we believe that this is a fantastic option for Funds and Fund administrators. Any fund that makes a donation will receive draft text for their annual report as well as supporting letters from ESI Monitor in a professional format.

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