ESI Monitor Win Energy Globe Award


ESI Monitor have won an Energy Globe Award, considered as the most important award for sustainability worldwide. The Energy Globe was awarded for ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Framework (EBOF), which enables businesses to measure, manage, minimise, and continually improve their operational environmental footprint.

ESI Monitor’s Marc Laine said: “We are all so delighted to have received this recognition for the EBOF, especially in the form of such a prestigious award. The framework has proven itself to be a worthy and effective tool for environmental management, and we hope that with the recognition that this award provides us, we will be able to help more businesses across the world to improve their sustainability”.

The EBOF provides organisations with verified, top-grade sustainability data, consistent with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 methodologies. This means it is valid in any reporting and disclosure requirements. It also guides organisations through the process of reducing their emissions and demonstrates to customers, staff, and business partners that the organisation:

  • is transitioning to a sustainable future through Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9, 11, 12 & 13;
  • is committed to reducing its impact on the planet;
  • actively plans its energy conservation, waste management, and procurement strategy;
  • raises staff awareness of the importance of environmental issues;
  • seeks improved ways of managing the organisation’s energy and waste.

You can learn more about the Environmental Business Operations Framework and how your business can get involved here.

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