Offset your carbon emissions from travel whilst contributing to environmental projects local to you.

Please think before you pollute. Reduction is the most important step.

Reducing polluting activities from your life is the most direct impact you can have.

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Calculate your CO2 emissions

Our calculator works out the amount of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) you emit using your personal transport and applies a CarbonOffset+ charge of £20.00 per tonne. Not including our administration charge of 10% or a minimum of £4 as set out in our T&C’s, your CarbonOffset+ is spent equally on accredited and certified international carbon offset projects, and local environmental conservation and restoration projects.

We are a unique business that allows you to take mitigating climate change action, whilst funding environmental projects that are local to you. This results in the most immediately impactful offsets from your contribution by repairing the damage done to your local environment as well.

How CarbonOffset+ works


Greenhouse gases are elements and compounds that impact the climate. These include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, water vapour, and nitrous oxide. These are all ‘natural’ gases, but they are being emitted at extremely unnatural rates. These are commonly calculated as ‘CO2e’, or carbon dioxide and equivalents.

We offset your CO2e by supporting projects that absorb CO2e or prevent CO2e from being produced in the future. 80% of the projects will be certified, such as from WWF Gold Standard, and 20% will be non-certified projects that deserve support.

We have a minimum offset price of £15.  This is to ensure that your contribution provides at least £5.50 to local environmental projects, as well as fully offsetting and covering administration costs. See T&Cs for more information.

Local to you

Having offset your CO2e as above, the remainder of the charge is used to support environmental conservation and restoration projects on land and at sea, local to you. This part of our work is not about the CO2e, but is about repairing the damage done to your local natural environment caused by human activity.

How is the money spent?

CO2e will be offset quarterly through CarbonOffset+. Carbon credits acquired will be retired, and we will publish data on the schemes and projects we supported. The validation and verification of projects undertaken are administered by UN-accredited monitoring organisations. See Terms & Conditions for more.

Local to you

The Guernsey Community Foundation, and the Jersey Community Foundation which are registered charities, will receive all the funding set aside for local environmental conservation and restoration from ESI Monitor. They will also receive grant requests from registered local biodiversity groups. The Community Foundations will fund projects that meet a given standard, and ESI Monitor will regularly report on the projects that have been funded with you CarbonOffset+ action.

Our Sponsors

We’re extremely grateful to our sponsors without whom CarbonOffset+ wouldn’t be possible.

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