Why Get Rated?

Ratings enhance your business or organisation’s performance, profitability and sustainability, and demonstrates to an ever-increasing number of motivated people that your organisation is worthy of long-term support.

Monitoring provides you with quarterly data on your position in your industry, and allows for listing of industry contributions to promote your sector. Clients, staff, governments, institutions, regulators and stakeholders will be able to select your organisation over that of your competitors when you have a benchmarked, recognised and audited social and environmental performance accreditation listed with ESI Monitor.

Collectively, as more and more businesses are rated in Guernsey, we will add substance to Guernsey’s Green Finance and greener economy aspirations, securing a greater slice of these global markets, sustaining our economic performance and developing new market specialisations.


The ESI Monitor community champion award
accreditation process

The path to becoming accredited is simple as laid out below. Each year the threshold to qualify will rise, ensuring that participants strive to increase their value to society and reap the benefits of recognition.

  1. Complete rating questionnaire
  2. Pay rating fee
  3. ESI Monitor will review your application. Where necessary we will contact you with further questions. You may also be required to undertake an audit by our strategic partners.
  4. If your application is successful you will receive accreditation from ESI Monitor. As well as being added to our accredited organisation directory you will receive an official certificate and digital assets which can be used on your own literature.


Social Rating
Rated organisation receive the recognition and advantage from stakeholders for their positive contribution to our community.
Environmental Rating
Our framework is in development with sustainability experts and has been benchmarked against national standards.