Why Enrol?

Ongoing environmental benchmarking data enhances your organisation’s performance, profitability, and sustainability. Completing the ESI Monitor Frameworks demonstrates that your business has begun its transition towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future; suggesting to an ever-increasing number of motivated people that your organisation is worthy of long-term support.

Monitoring provides organisations with quarterly data on their position within their industry against environmental or social criteria. This data has the ability to be extremely valuable in transition to sustainability.  Furthermore, access to this information allows businesses to have bespoke data on how they compare to their competitors and influences these organisations to change from within.

Through every revision of the frameworks, we are committed to ensuring that they allow organisations to be as impactful as possible on the community and environment, and that organisations’ efforts are mapped to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Environmental Business Operations Framework

Why enrol on the Environmental Business Operations Framework?

  • To understand your organisation’s impact on the environment.
  • To reduce your organisation’s footprint and externalities on the environment.
  • To prove to clients and the public that you are committed to sustainability and future generations.
  • To show your organisation’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance issues through the assessment’s alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals, and optional alignment with The Paris Climate Agreement.
  • To receive regular benchmarking data on your organisation’s carbon, waste, and energy footprints, and how you compare to other businesses in your industry or other industries.

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The Community Champion Award

Why get a Community Champion Award?

  • To demonstrate your commitment to the community through the kite-mark and optional transparency.
  • To increase the impact of your organisation’s donations to give more to the causes that represent your values.
  • To improve recruitment and retention by demonstrating your commitment to your employees and community.
  • To help build your community into the place you want it to be.
  • To show your organisation’s commitment to ESG through your alignment with the SDGs.
  • To receive quarterly benchmarking data on your organisation’s community commitments, and how you compare to other businesses in your industry or other industries.

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Environmental Business Operations Framework