Environmental Business Operations Framework

ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Framework makes the transition to sustainability a simple but effective process, allowing businesses of any sector or size to measure, manage, minimise, and continually improve their operational environmental footprint.

The framework consists of five modules, each of which offer specific rewards and contributions to the overall outcome of continual improvement, and allow businesses to approach the substantial framework in manageable steps. Furthermore, ESI Monitor provides all the information and tools you will need for each module and is available for advice, support, and consultation throughout the process.

Following completion of the modules, businesses will have met our environmental standard, and will have achieved the Environmental Business Operations Award. Achievement allows a business to demonstrate its commitment to addressing environmental concerns to clients, employees, regulators, customers, and stakeholders.

GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 methodology
Fully digital and intuitive process
Used by organisations across the world
Creates meaningful and long-lasting changes
Useful benchmarking and data comparisons
Detailed and informative report outcomes
The Five-Step Modular Process
1. Getting Started

Create an ‘environmental team’ consisting of specific champions responsible for: waste and water; energy and buildings; procurement and supply chains; and education and awareness. You also have the option here to understand your business’s environmental and carbon footprint through measuring: waste, energy, water, travel, procurement, and supply chains.

2. Policy Adoption and Commitment

Develop environmental policies and commitments aligned with your business’ mission and goals, together with international targets and goals such as the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Action

Utilise the documents in the resource library to construct and enact environmental action plans and policies.

4. Measure your Impact

Calculate your environmental impact to receive a rich understanding of how your business’s operations may effect the environment with regards to waste, energy, water, travel, procurement, and supply chains.

5. Sustainable Transition

Build a consciousness of continual improvement and set up systems and commitments that allow for these processes to continue effectively.


Following completion of the framework, organisations will receive a carbon footprint report. The report provides an opportunity for organisations to gain an in-depth understanding of where their emissions come from. Significant sources of emissions are flagged throughout the report as well as areas where emissions are lower than expected.

Useful charts and graphics are included within the report to help organisations to better comprehend the components of their footprint, including which emission sources make up the largest proportion of their environmental impact. For organisations measuring the footprint of multiple offices, the report provides interesting visualisations comparing locations and their emission sources.

We also use data from the CDP as well as anonymised data from other businesses using our framework to provide organisations with useful benchmarking data and industry comparisons. This allows organisations to understand how their environmental impact compares to others’ in terms of tonnes of CO2e per employee.

Organisations that wish to regularly measure their footprint are able to do so by continuing to submit data in the framework. We use this data to provide annual carbon footprint reports for the duration of the organisations enrolment.

Verification and Award

Submitted information will require independent verification by ESI Monitor. This process includes confirmation of utility information used for understanding your carbon footprint, evidence of fulfilment of your environmental management assessment, and success of your policy commitments.

Following this process, your organisation will achieve our award, which can be displayed on your website, and a certificate.

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