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ESI Monitor & Carbon Offsetting Terms and Conditions

Carbon Offset Plus Terms & Conditions

1.ESI Monitor provides the unique opportunity to contribute directly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions whilst also separately supporting restorative and regenerative environmental projects in your region or locality.

The restorative and regenerative environmental projects in your region or locality are known for the purposes of this document as the “Plus” projects, where you can make an impact at the point of pollution.   To effect the above, ESI Monitor invests in quality climate protection projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and through a not for profit foundation distributes “Plus” funds to restorative environmental projects where you live.

2.For owners of cars, vans, lorries and motorcycles, you may demonstrate to the world that you have not only offset your carbon for a given activity, but also contributed to local restorative environmental projects at the point of pollution.

3.Carbon offset projects supported adhere to internationally recognised standards for emissions reduction projects and are audited regularly by independent third-party organisations to ensure environmental integrity of projects. As a member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), our project operators use ICROA-approved standards. We can provide you with carbon credits that adhere to Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) among many others.

4.ESI Monitor may support non accredited projects deserving of support, though these projects will never exceed twenty percent of the total carbon offset. This is to encourage new schemes and support trusted providers.  An example might be the Durrell Wildlife Trusts work rewilding and tree planting in Brazil.

5.The funding of the “Plus” projects is managed and administered by the not for profits Guernsey Community Foundation https://foundation.gg/, and the Jersey Community Foundation

6.The Carbon Offset Plus emissions calculator allows for the quantification of the emissions caused by a particular activity. The emissions data is based on UK government guidelines available data here The calculator is effective, but it applies default and average values that could differ from the actual emissions produced and their exact impact on climate.

7.Costs and deductions

ESI Monitor  have a minimum transaction charge of £4.00 and a maximum of 10% of the fee paid by the client to offset. The transaction charge covers administration, bank charges, payment service provider charges, marketing, web development, governance and a charges from the Community Foundations to distribute funds for the local environmental projects.

ESI Monitor have set a minimum transaction cost of £15.00. This is to ensure that at least £5.50 of each transaction goes to supporting local environmental projects.

8.ESI Monitor will endeavour to only work with projects that meet a high standard and are reliant on accreditation bodies to verify the veracity of carbon reduction claims. A scheme or projects definite success in reducing emissions cannot be guaranteed by ESI Monitor. In the event that a scheme or projects effectiveness become a cause for concern, ESI Monitor  will stop supporting such projects.

9.ESI Monitor will offset monies collected quarterly and contracts with project developers will be concluded. Carbon credits acquired will be retired and data published on schemes and projects supported. The validation and verification of the projects are administered by UN-accredited monitoring organisations for whose activities ESI Monitor  is not liable.

10.In the event of increases in the cost of carbon offsetting above the amount collected and set aside, ESI Monitor will make up the shortfall, by deductions from the funds set aside for “Plus” projects. In the event that 100% of the CO2e is offset and monies remain in the positive, these funds will be directed to funding the “Plus” projects.

11.ESI Monitor will regularly publish an overview of the overall donations received, CO2e tonnes offset and “Plus” schemes supported. Rights to information with regard to individual business transactions beyond this level do not exist.

12.The credits for emission reduction issued by our project partners constitute certificates in terms of emission trading. They are accepted by ESI Monitor and retired by the project or scheme provider and such data is verified and will be published annually by ESI Monitor. A personal claim to receive or purchase personal emission reduction certificates from ESI Monitor  or to use them in any other way does in no way exist by having transacted with ESI Monitor.

13.ESI Monitor is not liable for the accuracy of information provided by monitoring organisations or our project partners or declarations to actual emissions and achieved reductions of emissions as well as other project information. Neither is it liable for the reduction of a definitely provable amount of greenhouse gas emissions, but contributes to the reduction of emissions within the scope of the projects promoted. Responsibility for proof of the emissions savings remains with the accredited entities on whom we rely.

14.For the purposes of the governing law of your relationship with ESI Monitor and the jurisdiction for the settlement of any dispute is Guernsey.

15.Documents and data provided to you via our website contains copyrighted material. You may not edit, rearrange, publish, distribute, send, exhibit or copy these documents neither in whole nor in part, participate in their disposal or transfer, or economically utilise them in any other way. You may retain one copy for your private non-commercial use only.

16.Online payments using ESI Monitor calculator and our payment service provider will normally withdraw the money from the specified bank account within five days.

17.ESI Monitor recognises and respects the privacy and data protection rights of individuals with regards to personal data (i.e. information that directly or indirectly identifies an individual). We may use your personal data to provide you with (including but not limited to) services you request from us, manage your Carbon Offset Plus account, make decisions, for analysis and assessment and/or to ensure that we comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

18.Beyond these terms and conditions, there are no further agreements between you and ESI Monitor . All residual statements in the documents distributed or made accessible to you are directly related to these terms and conditions or explain them, but without changing or complementing them. Inefficacy of one regulation of these terms and conditions does in no way affect the residual ones; they are to be complemented in the way that the intention of the parties expressed in the non-effective regulation is realised at best.

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