Utmost Worldwide has enrolled in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award


Utmost Worldwide has made an important move towards greater sustainability by enrolling in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award.

Previously, Utmost Worldwide had achieved ESI Monitor’s Keep Guernsey Green Award and our Community Champion Award, demonstrating an already bold commitment to both environmental and social sustainability. By enrolling in our Environmental Business Operations Award, Utmost Worldwide has taken this commitment even further, and are now in the forefront of Guernsey businesses working towards a better tomorrow.

ESI Monitor would like to congratulate Utmost Worldwide for their dedication to sustainability, we hope their efforts inspire other businesses to follow.


Environmental Business Operations Award

ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award is structured as an environmental management system that allows businesses of any sector or size to measure, manage, minimise, and continually improve its operational environmental footprint.

Achieving the Environmental Business Operations Award demonstrates to customers, staff, and business partners that the organisation:

  •  is transitioning to a sustainable future through Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9, 11, 12 & 13;
  •  is committed to reducing its impact on the planet;
  •  actively plans its energy conservation, waste management, and procurement strategy;
  •  raises staff awareness of the importance of environmental issues;
  •  seeks improved ways of managing the organisation’s energy and waste.

The process is broken down into three ‘self-assessment toolkits’ and one final assessment.


You can learn more about the Environmental Business Operations Award and how your business can get involved here.

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