Network Insurance has enrolled in the ESI Monitor Environmental Business Operations Award

We are excited to share that Network Insurance has recently enrolled in the ESI Monitor Environmental Businesses Operations Award.

We found the team at Network Insurance were already committed to a journey towards environmental sustainability and looking to do more as a business and for customers, so congratulations to them!


What is the Environmental Business Operations Award?

Achieving the Environmental Business Operations Award demonstrates to customers, staff and business partners that the organisation:

●  is transitioning to a sustainable future through Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9, 11, 12 & 13;

●  is committed to reducing its impact on the planet;

●  actively plans its energy conservation, waste management, and procurement strategy;

●  raises staff awareness of the importance of environmental issues;

●  seeks improved ways of managing the organisation’s energy and waste.


The process is broken down into three ‘self-assessment toolkits’ and one final assessment:

SAT A – Policy and Planning:
This includes measuring waste, energy and carbon footprint to determine how the business can move forward.

SAT B – Action:
This is where the business creates and implements an action plan for achieving aspirations of reducing waste, energy usage, procurement and carbon footprint.

SAT C – Review and Improvement:
This is conducted at least three months after the action plan to review how successful the business has been at achieving its targets.

Assessment visit:
Only after these three self-assessments does the assessor make a site visit to determine the quality and sustainability of the progress made. Businesses will then receive either a bronze, silver or gold award/kitemark.


Please visit to enrol your business today or for any further questions.

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