ESI Monitor’s Aimee Golden Qualifies as a Carbon Footprint Analyst

ESI Monitor’s Aimee Golden has recently become a qualified Carbon Footprint Analyst. She is now able to conduct internationally accepted carbon footprint assessments in accordance with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.

Through these assessments, Aimee can provide businesses with detailed insights into their environmental impact, while also helping them to track their emissions and set targets for reduction. This is a highly demanded skill, as organisations across the globe are beginning to understand the necessity of undertaking assessments due to the growth of public disclosure, carbon tax legislation, integrated reporting, and simply the realisation that it’s good for business.

In her capacity as a consultant with ESI Monitor, Aimee is also able to guide businesses through the process of measuring, managing, and minimising their environmental impact via the Environmental Business Operations Standard. The standard is designed to make the transition to sustainability a simple but effective process and provides organisations with recognition for their actions towards environmental sustainability.

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