ESG Investment Insight

Identifying, evaluating, and reporting on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors is now vital to help identify both the downside risks and upside opportunities offered by climate change, decarbonisation, and other aspects of transition economies.

However, investors and managers find it a challenge to obtain and interpret ESG data. Social aspects, positive impact, and unlisted investments are especially difficult to obtain meaningful data from in order to measure material risks and opportunities.

ESI Monitor offers a number of solutions to these issues. Building on our existing Environmental Reporting Framework and in response to our research findings, we have developed an ESG reporting and investee performance platform for funds, administrators, managers, and venture capitalists, called ESG Investment Insight.

ESG Investment Insight:


  • Combines digital tools and professional services to effectively acquire and interpret ESG data and provide clear insights into material risks and opportunities
  • Provides support to investors and investees seeking to measure, report, and improve their ESG performance
  • Includes a dedicated digital portal and toolkit
  • Assists with both due diligence of prospective investments and with the monitoring and continuous improvement of existing investees

Solving ESG Data Acquisition Headaches


We use a team of accomplished Subject Matter Experts and specialist technology to proactively acquire data from a range of investee and external systems and sources. We also enable onward flow to key reporting portals, e.g. PRI allowing continued disclosure via preferred channels.

Meaningful Investee Impact & Engagement


Our platform goes beyond monitoring and reporting to also support investees to improve and generate value from sustainability and efficiency.

Powerful Insight to Business Model ESG Sensitivity


We build and deploy improved tools for assessing investee business model sensitivity to ESG factors. These models cover both downside risk and upside opportunity, as well as the full range of environmental and social impact factors, and form a foundation for more sophisticated ESG scenario analysis.

For investors, managers, and administrators, the platform provides:
  • Powerful ESG data acquisition from investees
  • Peer-reviewed calculation methodologies of ESG metrics
  • Clear and credible ESG ratings and assurance of prospective acquisitions
  • Insightful evaluation of material ESG risks and opportunities, including climate change (physical and transition risks & opportunities); resource efficiency; waste and pollution; biodiversity and habitat destruction; social factors; and governance factors
  • Reporting and analysis platform for clients
For investees, the platform provides:
  • Ongoing support for investees, including a dedicated helpdesk providing reporting support
  • Development of effective ESG reporting pipelines to acquire internal operational and supply chain data.
  • A single reporting interface to reduce reporting burden, if necessary, to multiple investors
  • Framework to guide investees on improving ESG performance with step by step resources and measurement aimed at reducing energy usage and waste and increasing efficiency

ESG Business Models

Downside Risk and Upside Opportunity

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