Community Champion Award

ESI Monitor has developed a simple and effective way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the community they operate in. The Community Champion award is a reflection of a business’s contributions to their local community, in terms of financial donations, time contributions, and in-kind donations.

Accredited businesses will be listed in our directory as having surpassed our threshold. They will receive the award which can be displayed on their website, and will be presented with regular benchmarking data on their performance compared to other businesses in their own industry, as well as interesting comparisons to other industries.

The aim of the award is to reward those businesses that contribute most and encourage other businesses to attain higher standards. Major adoption will see a significant increase in contributions from the business community to the third sector.

Private data will be provided quarterly for individual businesses to judge their performance and make choices about future contributions. If required, the data can be used to provide regulatory, government, suppliers, customers, staff and relevant parties with independently verified data on their contribution to the community.

Path to Obtaining the Award


To enter your business into the Community Champion scheme, simply fill in our online form outlining the details of your business and your business’s financial donations, time contributions, and in-kind donations.



Following assessment, the assessor will make their recommendation to ESI Monitor regarding your Community Champion award eligibility. If confirmed to have met the standard required for the award of Community Champion, ESI Monitor will seek your permission to list your business as an accredited company and provide the aforementioned industry specific social benchmarking data.

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