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Our Mission

To drive the transition to sustainability and inspire continual improvement – through measurement, benchmarking, and adaptation.

Our Services
Continually evolving to help enable the sustainable transition
Measure, minimise, manage, and continually improve your organisation’s sustainability.
Receive expert guidance on a number of environmental, social, and governance issues.
Uniquely impactful services for both businesses and the community.
Define sustainability policies and create effective management systems to monitor and report on ESG exposure.
Identify and evaluate risks and opportunities from ESG factors including climate change, waste, pollution, sustainable resource usage, and human rights.
Receive accreditation and see how your business compares in terms of community donations.
Our Team
Marc Laine
Managing Director
Fred Betley
Sustainability Advisor
Ian Corder
Director of Standards and Operations
Sylvie Laine
Carbon Footprint Analyst
Aimee Golden
Associate Consultant
Jon Buckland
Associate Consultant and Lead Verifier
Kristina Touzenis
Associate Consultant
Silvia Scozia
Associate Consultant
Giulia Biselli
Associate Consultant
Dr. Andy Sloan
Non-Executive Director

Our Partners

Our partnership with True Limited enables us encourage sustainability to a wider audience. True Limited are a perfect partner for ESI Monitor as they have developed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)  reporting tools for investors and are committed to enhancing ESG performance for both investors and businesses alike.

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